Senior representative for sustainability consultant/NGO within the US

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Senior representative for sustainability consultant/NGO within the US

Job description

We are looking for an independent, entrepreneurial, highly motivated, and experienced individual with a strong network in the sustainability sector in the US to become an associate of the globally operating social enterprise Circle Economy.

About Circle Economy

Our mission is to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy. We empower businesses, cities and nations to put the circular economy into action. Our vision is an economic system that ensures the planet and all people can thrive. To avoid climate breakdown, our goal is to double global circularity by 2032.

We are a global impact organisation with an international team of passionate experts based in Amsterdam. Our team consists of international experts (20+ nationalities) driven to make the circular economy happen: from consulting, data, digital, industrial ecology, economics, design and communications.

We have dedicated programmes for cities, finance, textiles, the labor market, and the built environment and have delivered projects across 5 continents in many sectors such as agriculture, automotive, chemistry, electronics, healthcare, insurance and waste.

Our work

Our mission is to empower a global community of businesses, cities and governments to accelerate the transition to the circular economy through practical and scalable insights and solutions. We will describe our work for these three target groups below in more detail.

We work with businesses to embed circular principles at the core of their organisation: both in the strategy and in the mindset and behaviours of employees. From start-ups to multinationals, we help our partners understand their current state of circularity, develop a vision of the future circular state, and analyse and act upon opportunities and risks to become circular champions within their fields. We have worked with 80+ businesses, many of which have large global value chains.

At Circle Economy, we have supported over 30 cities around the world in creating circular strategies. With nature as our mentor and data as our guide, we help cities to: (1) prioritise key challenges and opportunities for the city, (2) visualize our research outcomes in easy-to-understand visuals, (3) engage diverse stakeholders to create a common understanding and (4) shape an urban strategy for the circular economy.

Governments are leading change agents for the circular transition. They have the mandate to develop legislation, can create an enabling environment and incentives to drive the transition, and are lead investors in infrastructure, government buildings and assets. The Circularity Gap Report for Countries provides insight into the best interventions to boost circularity on a national level and the tools to monitor progress.

Your role in our team

You will be representing Circle Economy in the United States and be responsible for the business development, client management and impact of our projects in the US. Examples of the activities and tasks you will be asked to perform are:

  • Reaching out to new potential clients to set up introductory meetings and following up on new business opportunities

  • Representing Circle Economy in the US, for instance through networking at sustainability events and in relevant networks to increase awareness of Circle Economy’s services

  • Joining (follow-up) meetings with a potential client to establish a business case and draft a project proposal together with (an) expert(s) from Circle Economy

  • Joining team meetings and having regular meetings with peers at Circle Economy to establish working relationships

  • Joining project kick-off meetings and crucial client meetings during project execution to support in stakeholder management


Who you are

We are looking for somebody who can be described as having (at least) the following characteristics:

  • You have 7+ years working experience in the sustainability sector where you have established a broad network with key stakeholders and individuals and acquired insights into key issues in transitioning to sustainable practices.

  • You are an innovator that knows how to combine a inspiring vision, business acumen and a sense of social and environmental justice in the creation of new projects and value propositions

  • You are a strong business developer, good listener and inspiring speaker, able to convince potential clients of (y)our value propositions

  • You have an active interest in sustainability and the circular economy and would love to contribute your skills and knowledge to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.

  • You are a self-starter, business driven, a quick learner and able to deal with unexpected new situations

  • You have experience working in multicultural teams in an international environment, currently residing or able and willing to relocate to the United States, preferably in one of the following regions: San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, or Philadelphia.

What we offer you

We offer you a partnership that, among other things, will guarantee success fees for activities that you will perform as a representative of Circle Economy, including success fees for contracts signed with clients. We will actively support you in your work, open our network to you, share our expertise in various fields and reward success. You can expect from us:

  • To introduce you to our current network in the US and other associates of Circle Economy world wide

  • To include you in any leads from actors that reside in the US that come our way, for instance through website inquiries

  • Actively sharing our knowledge and expertise to bring you up to speed of the newest developments, service offerings and digital tools

  • Joining you in meetings with potential clients to identify relevant client needs and jointly develop project proposals

  • Regular meetings with your direct contact, relevant peers, and the wider team at Circle Economy to ensure you will become and remain part of the broader team

In short, we offer you the opportunity to grow your network and expertise, work with sustainability frontrunners, and make real impact. Our goal is to enable you as an associate to generate enough revenue for Circle Economy that your success fees will amount to $100.000,- per year.

To apply

Please complete the form below with your CV and motivation letter. Applications can be addressed to Jacco Verstraeten-Jochemsen. We will review applications on a rolling basis.