Scientific writer and in-company journalist

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scientific writer and in-company journalist

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated communicator and science-junky to join Circle Economy’s team in Amsterdam and help reach a diverse and broad target audience with our latest research outcomes. Circle Economy is a social enterprise with an international team that develops solutions to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy. As a global frontrunner, we are growing rapidly both in the Netherlands and around the world. Would you love to drive the global agenda on circular economy and enable stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a circular economy? Then this is the position for you. 


About Circle Economy 

At Circle Economy, we believe it is time for a new economic approach: the circular economy. Together with our many stakeholders, including our members, local governments and world-leading partners, we strive to create industrial systems that are restorative by design, thereby decoupling economic growth and environmental impact. Our main contribution is that we accelerate the transition towards a circular economy by providing insights into what a circular future might look like for a company, a city/region or even worldwide, and by developing inspiring narratives on how to get there. Moreover, we provide a powerful network, frameworks, tools, and experience to the community of our social enterprise to turn these narratives into reality.


Our Culture

We are a young team of 45+ driven and ambitious professionals, sharing the belief that the circular economy creates prosperity for all. We work in a lively and dynamic atmosphere in our open office space right in the heart of Amsterdam. At Circle Economy, we have a culture of getting things done while having fun through friendly and open team dynamics.


Your role in the Circle Economy team 

Science values detail, precision, the impersonal, the technical, the lasting, facts, numbers and being right. Journalism values brevity, approximation, the personal, the colloquial, the immediate, stories, words and being right now. There are going to be tensions.

— Quentin Cooper


You will join the Circularity Gap Programme as an in-company journalist and co-author with a strong scientific background. First released during the 2018 annual summit of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Circle Economy works on annual updates and, increasingly, local editions of Circularity Gap Reports that aim to put the need for a circular economy on the political agenda. Also, we aim to increasingly and continuously communicate on our journey of monitoring the transition towards a circular economy. We always try to balance the novelty of our insights with the urgency of communicating them. In this role, you bring in the rare expertise of understanding both the science and the interests of diverse target audiences. You will be working with data analysts, researchers, expert authors, text editors, communication officers, and a diverse set of clients, funders and other external stakeholders, to create impactful reports that drive the political agenda on circular economy. Your daily activities will range from reading scientific literature, reviewing research updates, brainstorming key messages, jointly deciding on new research questions, writing draft report texts, attending stakeholder meetings to writing short communications for our online channels. 



  • Reporting on research and analysis:  Interpret and translate scientific information into understandable language for a broad audience (ranging from political and business leaders to the interested citizen), co-design and formulate key messages and systems-level solutions.

  • Writing and editing: Contribute to the outline and content of diverse reports. Provide clear narratives in written texts or in a presentation. Review and edit the work of team members and co-authors. 

  • Communication: Extract hidden gems from ongoing research to communicate. Tailor the messages communicated to different audiences through social media, press releases and other formats.


  • An advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in sustainable development, environmental science, public policy, economy, industrial ecology, or related fields.

  • Proven track record and exhibits of written articles, blogs, reports or similar

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience

  • Familiarity with sustainability and circular economy concepts and thinking is preferred.

  • Highly responsible, self-motivated, with an ability to work in a fast-paced office environment, both independently and as part of a team

  • Very well organised and efficient 

What we offer you

For this role, we are offering an initial 1-year contract based on full-time employment, which could be extended depending on the performance of the job holder and funding opportunities. We offer an awesome challenge for a passionate person that loves to learn and take up responsibilities in a vibrant and talented team in a pioneering organisation. We will coach you to put your skills and ideas to work to have an impact. We recognise the importance of personal development and work with our team to help find and develop opportunities for growth for each team member. Salary is competitive, keeping in mind we are a non­profit, start­up organisation.


To apply

To apply, please submit your CV, a short motivation letter and a communication piece or article you've written, addressed to Jacco Verstraeten. The application deadline is September 21, 2019. Job interviews will start in the week of September 30th. We encourage applicants to apply early.