Project Manager Circular Textiles and Apparel

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Project Manager Circular Textiles and Apparel

Job description

About Circle Economy

At Circle Economy, we believe it is time for a new economic approach: the circular economy. We are a social enterprise with an international team that develops practical and scalable solutions to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy. We are growing rapidly both in the Netherlands and around the world through strategic partnerships with governments, cities, and businesses. We offer Circle Scans to businesses, cities and nations, drawing on deep expertise, including in the areas of textiles, the built environment, finance, circular design, and on jobs and skills in the circular economy.

We want to accelerate the transition toward a circular economy with actionable insights for nations, cities and businesses. We understand that as the circular economy gains global traction, it can be difficult to know where to begin, how to align sustainability commitments with commercial ones, how to know what social impacts circular strategies might have or how to track circular progress against set goals. We offer a range of Circle Scans grounded in scientific methodologies that translate complex data on energy and material flows into tangible decisions for your country, city or business. This involves developing insights, from identifying the sectors which require circular solutions to analysing how the circular transition may impact labour markets.

The Circle Textiles Programme has the mission to enable a zero waste textiles sector by;

  • Reducing the textiles waste mountain, by enabling the data, technology and infrastructure needed to valorise textile waste at end-of-life

  • Preventing the textiles waste mountain, by increasing apparel brands' capacity to assess and adopt circular strategies

The Circle Textiles Programme (CTP) was launched in 2014 as the first sector programme within Circle Economy. Since 2014, CTP has completed many projects with focus areas of textile-to-textile recycling, circular business models, design for cyclability, technology assessments and circular infrastructure developments and expanded every year due to the powerful projects it develops and executes.

Your role in the Circle Economy team

We are looking for an engaged and highly motivated project manager and strategist with knowledge of, and passion for, the circular economy and the apparel and textiles industry, to join Circle Economy in Amsterdam.

As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for the design and delivery of multiple projects for both private and public clients, in particular, in the field of capacity building and training of international apparel brands through the On Course Training Programme. You are an excellent public speaker and group facilitator and have knowledge or experience in capacity building (training creation and execution, online learning, and more). On the content level, you have expertise on the circular textiles industry and preferably, circular design and circular business models. Within this field, you have an understanding and acquaintance with key concepts and players, market dynamics (drivers/ challenges), current and future innovations.

This role also requires a background in business development. You will take the lead in researching, identifying, and acquiring new business opportunities for the Circle Textiles Programme to realise the ambitions of the long term strategy. To this end, you are able to engage with stakeholders from various backgrounds and levels, and can build professional and long-term relationships. In the short term, you will translate the organisational strategy into a detailed business development work plan, identifying project and funding opportunities that support the overall impact objectives of the Textiles Programme, and liaising with internal and external stakeholders to develop innovative and impactful proposals, and secure relevant buy-in and related funding. In the long term, you will support the growth and success of the Textiles Programme, secure its significance to external stakeholders, consolidate relationships with key partners, and  refine its strategy year on year.

You are reliable and driven by a spirit of collaboration, constantly challenging yourself and others to innovate, while bringing quality to execution and delivery. You are practical and skilful, and eager to make an impact and scale it up

Our Culture

We are a team of 45+ driven and ambitious professionals, coming from diverse backgrounds and from more than 20 different countries, sharing the belief that the circular economy creates prosperity for all. We work in a lively atmosphere in our open office space right in the heart of Amsterdam. At Circle Economy, we have a culture of getting things done while having fun, with friendly, open and progressive team dynamics.

Our Values

As a team we have guiding principles that define our mindsets and are inherent in the way we work each day, especially in the way we treat each other and others. Our values are a compass to guide our culture internally and shape our impact externally, they further our greater mission and don’t impose ideology but enable ideas.

  • Focus on Impact - Time is short, boundaries set, efforts need to be focused, brave and relentless. We are actively at work to make a positive difference, bringing benefit to others, doing good and doing it well, each one of us in their own function
  • Resources Consciousness - The potential of our people is unlimited, but resources should be safeguarded. We make the most of others’ time, money, energy and spirit, with efficiency and effectiveness, without abusing these valuable resources
  • Diversity - We need it, to pursue a world of richness, where potential can be expressed to its fullest, and in complete fairness, by all. We embrace diversity, with openness, fairness, and the enthusiasm of knowing that diversity is where jewels hide
  • Safety - collaborating where vulnerability, mistakes, and even tough confrontation, are openly accepted and embraced, without compromising safe relationships, safe boundaries and a safe job
  • Collaboration - Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success: we want to be there for others, in good and bad times, working together, hand in hand, beyond role and bias, to get the work done
  • Recognition - Sometimes we have to recognise great successes, other times great efforts followed by great failures. Recognition helps us move up the line from good intentions to good results
  • Support - Relationships, when created on the basis of respect and trust, allow us to thrive. When we are encouraged and our actions championed by another, this kind of support ensures choices and decisions are made without consequences as a condition. We foster an environment of encouragement and a trusting place to return to in more difficult moments

What we offer you

For this role, we are offering an initial 6-month contract for 32-40 hours per week, from August/September 2021. We offer an awesome challenge for a passionate person that loves to learn continuously and take up responsibilities in a vibrant and talented team. Salary is competitive, keeping in mind we are a non-­profit, start­up organisation, based in Amsterdam.

To apply please respond with your CV and a motivation letter. Applications will be closed on Wednesday 7th July 2021.



  • Business Development: Identifying, formulating and acquiring new projects, partnerships and opportunities internationally, in line with the programmatic strategy and geographical focus. Taking a strategic and analytical approach to pin-pointing new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers and partnerships
  • Capacity Building: Advancing the professionalisation and expansion of the On Course Training Programme including knowledge harbouring and content creation, development of learning activities and outcomes, design of related design thinking and workshop tools and materials, and consistent, high-quality delivery of modules to international apparel brands
  • Project Management: Effectively managing projects and coordinating internal teams, clients and stakeholders to move projects forward securing execution. Delivering on project goals, ensuring on time and high quality, delivery and managing related project budgets accurately and efficiently
  • Strategic Thinking: Seeing the bigger picture and setting aims and objectives in order to develop and improve the delivery of business development approaches across the organisation
  • Communication: Representing Circle Economy and expanding its network by hosting roundtables, organising and delivering workshops and participating in panels internationally
  • Collaboration: Working with colleagues across the organisation to understand business development needs and opportunities

Essential Skills and Competencies

  • Masters Degree in fashion and textiles, supply chain, innovation, sustainability, business studies, or equivalent discipline

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in project management, strategy and business development; identifying and initiating new projects, building project plans and associated budgets, identifying and acquiring relevant funding

  • Relevant experience (3+ years) working in or with the textiles and apparel industry, with a strong and active network in the sector

  • In-depth expertise and knowledge of circular textiles and apparel, including understanding and acquaintance with key players, supply chain insight, market dynamics (drivers/ challenges), current and future innovations

  • Proven experience in building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, networking, partnership, and relationship management at a senior level and in different geographies (LATAM/ASIA/NA/EMEA)

  • Fluent in English, and preferably Dutch, and have excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred Skills and Competencies

  • Experience working with or for apparel brands
  • Experience designing, delivering and evaluating workshops and trainings to high level stakeholders
  • Deep expertise in the following areas: innovation, circular design, circular business models
  • Certification or solid knowledge of best practices supporting the management of programme and project management (e.g.Prince/PMP, Scrum)