HR Intern / Stage

  • Operations, Finance & HR
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

HR Intern / Stage

Job description

HR Intern - Circle Economy

Who are we?

Circle Economy is a non-profit foundation with an international team that is focused on developing practical and scalable tools and services that accelerate the transition to the circular economy. We work with cities, nations and organisations worldwide, helping them to understand their resource flows and develop circular action plans to transition toward a circular economy. We are looking for a highly motivated intern to join Circle Economy’s Operations department in Amsterdam.

Project and role

During your internship you will work with many aspects of HR. There are various tasks and projects that you can contribute to and take the lead in. Employee branding, recruitment, (talent) development, (global) payroll, and employee engagement to name but a few. During your internship you will work alongside Circle Economy's experienced HR Manager, who is committed to seeing you grow and learn during the internship by using the following principles:

Evidence Based: Add weight to your professional judgement by supporting your case with strong evidence from diverse sources.

Principles led: See beyond rules to do what’s right by following three key principles:• Work matters, people matter and professionalism matters.

Outcomes Driven: Champion better work and working lives by making a positive difference on every level – personal, professional and social.

Our Culture

We are a team of around 50 driven and ambitious professionals, sharing the belief that the circular economy can create a sustainable future for all. We work in a lively and dynamic atmosphere in our open office space right in the heart of Amsterdam. At Circle Economy, we have a culture of getting things done while having fun.

Our Values

As a team we have guiding principles that define our mindsets and are inherent in the way we work each day, especially in the way we treat each other and others. Our values are a compass to guide our culture internally and shape our impact externally, they further our greater mission and don’t impose ideology but enable ideas.

  • Focus on Impact - Time is short, boundaries set, efforts need to be focused, brave and relentless. We are actively at work to make a positive difference, bringing benefit to others, doing good and doing it well, each one of us in their own function

  • Resources Consciousness - The potential of our people is unlimited, but resources should be safeguarded. We make the most of others’ time, money, energy and spirit, with efficiency and effectiveness, without abusing these valuable resources

  • Diversity - We need it, to pursue a world of richness, where potential can be expressed to its fullest, and in complete fairness, by all. We embrace diversity, with openness, fairness, and the enthusiasm of knowing that diversity is where jewels hide

  • Safety - collaborating where vulnerability, mistakes, and even tough confrontation, are openly accepted and embraced, without compromising safe relationships, safe boundaries and a safe job

  • Collaboration - Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success: we want to be there for others, in good and bad times, working together, hand in hand, beyond role and bias, to get the work done

  • Recognition - Sometimes we have to recognise great successes, other times great efforts followed by great failures. Recognition helps us move up the line from good intentions to good results.

  • Support - Relationships, when created on the basis of respect and trust, allow us to thrive. When we are encouraged and our actions championed by another, this kind of support ensures choices and decisions are made without consequences as a condition. We foster an environment of encouragement and a trusting place to return to in more difficult moments.


About You

You are an independent, curious, self-starting HRM student who is comfortable diving into the deep end and learning about all different aspects of HR. You are passionate about People and are eager to define and realise practical projects. You might not know what your skills are yet - but that is not a problem! One of the goals of this internship is to discover more about who you are, what you love to do, what your core strengths are and how you can best contribute to a better world in the future.

What we offer

A paid internship for a minimum of 4 days a week for a period of 6-8 months, but ideally in a 28-40 hour capacity, to start sometime in early 2022.. We offer a stipend of €400 per month (based on 40 hours) and can provide a travel stipend if necessary. The successful candidate will already be living in the Netherlands.