Community Lead

Community Lead

Job description

What we are looking for

Circle Economy is looking for a suitably skilled person to develop, manage and grow a thriving community, while engaging with its network of past clients and current partners to grow our impact towards circularity. This will require developing strategies for the various thematic groups in the community, engaging with like minded networks, managing, and growing contact databases based on developing and packaging existing services and knowledge, crafting new content tailored to specific interests and developing new initiatives that help to build the community and grow affinity with the brand.


Who you are

You are a skilled community builder with a strategic approach to initiating, growing and maintaining relationships with large numbers of people. A proactive communicator, you enjoy public speaking and written communications. You are an action-oriented change

maker, and like to use your skills to bring people together, inspire them and motivate them to take actions that advance circularity at a large scale. Naturally inquisitive, you will engage regularly with staff from across our organisation, individuals in the network and the “outside world” to source interesting content and package our offerings to share with the network, paying attention to building links across thematic areas. Ideally, you are someone grounded in the theory of network/community building, who understands how networks of people behave and how to strengthen them with the help of online and offline tools. You have fundraising experience, and enjoy developing proposals to get public or private funding. You skillfully adjust your communication approach and messaging for different target audiences, and can communicate complex concepts in accessible language. With excellent attention to detail you pride yourself on the overall quality of your work.


Roles and tasks

  •  Develop value-adding engagements for the community (e.g. network events, speaking opportunities, introductions), and package these opportunities to promote Circle Economy’s service offerings.
  •  Develop and implement a strategy for engagement with our various networks on a regular basis.
  • Craft and strategically disseminate high quality, interesting content through email newsletters, social media channels, publications and other channels.
  • Build local ecosystems of changemakers in different geographies, based on (the development of) a blueprint.
  •  Effectively manage projects leading to community scaling and engagement, keeping the project contributors on task, and effectively coordinating all stakeholders to move projects forward.
  • Curate and maintain up-to-date databases of contacts.
  • Proactively build and maintain relationships with new and current partners, users and clients of our programmes, products, services and events.
  • Actively contribute to the development of offline and online offerings that deliver impact and grow the community.



  • Relationship Builder, Electrifier, Active Listener and Amazing speaker, Critical, Creative, Adaptable, Action-oriented
  • Minimum 7 years experience in developing a clear strategy and management of cross cutting, interdisciplinary community programmes in organisations with broad geographic scope
  • Proven experience in building and maintaining partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders across sectors
  • Track record in mobilising stakeholders and relationship management across different geographies.
  • Proven community and business development experience.
  • Experience with managing contact databases and with tailoring of bulk e-mail campaigns
  • Very strong written and verbal communication skills (English)
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to manage multiple complex campaigns simultaneously
  • Ability to travel up to 30% of time